Tuesday, December 02, 2008

On Tour - Bristol


We set off late from London. The first reason was they had all been partying hard last night after a sublime show at the Astoria, with the second and more worrying being that Kieren turns up to the bus nursing a broken hand. I didn't dare ask how he'd done it - I didn't want to know. We tried to get him to go to hospital and get it looked at but he reckoned he would be able to play.

Old tour manager Rob came to joins us for a few shows as Ian had to go and work with Kieren's favourite band The Frattelis (only joking Webby!) for a few days. All the band and crew were happy to see Rob again and it was nice to have a calming influence around the place.

The Thekla in Bristol is a nightmare to get into as it's actually boat docked in the harbour so shifting all the bands equipment onto the boat proved to be extremely difficult.

All the band except Kieren spend all day snoozing on the bus. We've have managed to find Webster a doctor have a look at his hand but unless he visits the hospital for an Xray all the Doc can do give him some strong pain killers and bandage it up.

Showtime and and the gig takes a bit to get going. Skag Trendy is probably the song that shakes the Bristol crowd up a bit. Thereafter rest of the gig goes really well with a few crowd surfers and pint throwing.

Afterwards we all sat up singing till 5am except Chris who went to bed not long after midnight.

Anyone who goes to sleep first on the bus usually has some kind of prank played on them.

His punishment was to be caked in silly string while sound asleep in his bunk, then stapling his curtains closed so he couldn't get out.

He has vowed sweet revenge on me... I'm still waiting...

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