Tuesday, December 02, 2008

’Shock Horror’ video shoot blog

So, we arrived at the studios in acton at 9am and the bands bus was already there, parked up from the night before. They had driven from the gig in oxford the night before straight to the shoot. The boys were all up and about, a bit pale looking it so early an hour for them but bouncing around ready to go. The studio was a huge ex tram terminus,and as pete said, it was so cold it was like a massive fridge. But they were filming with Dan, Julian and Simon who directed all their other videos so everyone was totally buzzed to see each other and we all had a great time. The boys got suited and booted this time and it was just brilliant seeing them striding about the place in their suits. They looked amazing! We started off with all the close ups in the morning. Looked great on the little screens we were watching on. There was a shit load of powder paint involved in this shoot and the first up and raring to get covered in green paint was Kyle. We had a break for lunch just after he got totally covered so he changed his clothes but he went to the pub for lunch with green hair. Looking like the Hulk. Too funny… we were all screaming with laughter. In the afternoon Pete, Kieren and Mo all got blown up with coloured paint so they were all in a complete mess too. Such a shame to ruin their amazing suits and coats but it had to be done. Everyone on the crew, directors and camera crew etc… love working with the boys so energy was high even when it got to the evening and we'd been going all day. All the performance footage was shot right at the end of the day, about 10pm when lots of the bands friends turned up. . The big sliding doors at the end of the studio were open on to the yard, and we had a visit from the police who were driving past and thought there was some kind of rave party going on. We finished about midnight. Totally knackered but everyone just had the best time. The crew loaded the bands equipment back on the bus to go to the Astoria for gig the next day.. not too pleased with us as all the powder paint had got into the guitars and drums and they had to be taken to bits and cleaned with compressed air. Davey especially not too pleased. Ouch! Sorry about that davey…...

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