Monday, November 03, 2008

Myspace tour blog update

First off I'd like to say hello to my Mum who's keeping tabs on me through this blog.


We arrive in Falmouth the day before the gig. We're booked into a really smart hotel. We all go to a Spa and have a sauna and steam room and just chill out. We go to a great pub called the Chain Locker. Great beers, great music and an ample amount of eye candy. We stay there for a few hours but head back to hotel for an early night as we want to be fresh for tomorrow.

Gig day and we load in early on and spend the rest of the day back to our new favourite pub, the Chain Locker.

Twisted Wheel have now joined us for a few support slots and the crew and band all head over to the venue to watch them. They have a really good gig and everyone was really impressed.

The View hit the stage about 10pm and the crowd are really up for it - it's another great show from the boys.

This was the night that McPhail disappeared - we were all out looking for him for about an hour after the gig and couldn't find him anywhere - we only discovered he'd left when I found a note on his bunk saying he's left for London to finish the album artwork.

There was no aftershow tonight, we just went back to the bus and had a few beers.


We have the best day out on the tour so far - loads to do in Brighton and the people are really friendly.

As it's Halloween the band have decided to get in the spirit of things and dress up. Klye was planning to dress as a transvestite - he was going to go to Anne Summers and get stockings, high heels, the full monty but chickens out - he opts for Dennis The Menace. Webster dresses as The Hitchhiker from the Mighty Boosh, Pete goes as a mime artist and Mo is some kind of demented creature thing.

Before the gig we find a pub across the road and there's a fair few fans in there who are coming to tonights show. Even though the boys are in fancy dress a lot of people recognise them and we spend a couple of hours drinking and chatting with them.

We all go and watch Twisted Wheel again tonight and they don't disappoint. A good band and a good bunch of guys.

The View are up next and look hilarious bouncing around in their fancy dress. The gigs itself goes really well and the crowd are again quite rowdy just how the band like it.

Afterwards we go to a nightclub called Digital and let our hair down in there until the closing time.

We invite a few folk we met in Digital back to the bus and continue the party there until about 8 in the morning.


We wake up on the bus in Reading, mid-afternoon dog rough. We load in the equipment to the venue (After Dark). We go through all our usual checks we discover that the PA supplied by the venue isn't working and without it we'd have no other option than pull the show. Just half an hour before doors open the promoter who's first show this is, luckily manages to get hold of one just in the nick of time from another venue.

We just have time to do a very quick soundcheck with the band before the doors open at 7pm. The View again put in a good performance as do Twisted Wheel before them. The crowd tonight are a bit quieter than previous nights but its still a really good atmosphere. 5 Bex gets the best reception of the tour with the crowd singing back almost every word.

No one fancies going out in Reading afterwards so we all go back to the bus. Pete had earlier went out and bought the box set of all the James Bond movies so most of us stayed up watching them until the early hours. Rock 'n' Roll.

Davey Dial Up x


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