Friday, October 31, 2008

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We arrive in Swansea about 10am and park up next to the venue. The whole crew and even the bus driver head off to the nearby swimming baths to chill out and try and get the blood circulation moving again. We have a great time messing around with the wave and surf machines. Pete fancies a go at surfing but fails miserably - he gets wiped-out to the joy of us onlookers - if you ask him about it he will deny it but its true - totally wiped-out!

We cut around town for a bit just checking out the clothes and music shops. About 4 o'clock me and Chris left them to it as we had to load in. Already there were a few fans at the door - a few of them without tickets. Got the equipment set up and the boys for once arrived on time (and sober!) for the soundcheck. All goes well. It's The Law's second last night with us so they're making the most of it and are already propping up the bar.

First time I've been to Sin City and it's a good sized venue for a gig like this. About a 600 capacity I think.

Gig time and it's another sellout and the fans are well up for this one - atmosphere is electric. The band play the same setlist as they have done the previous 2 weeks. They play a blinder, interacting and shaking hands with the crowd throughout - its a really good show.

Afterwards we head to the Oceano which is highly recommended to us by locals. We get there and can't believe it - 2500 pissed up students all dancing around on a Monday night and many of them hot looking ladies. I bid you goodnight...

Davie Dial-Up x
Sound Tech

PS Wondering why I'm doing this now and not McPhail? Well, he simply left a note on the bus saying he's off to London. Cheers bud!


It's about 8.30am and just a half hour into our journey from Swansea to Shrewsbury when disaster strikes - our bus breaks down. I'm sure this lot are jinxed with these feckin things. It's the third time this has happened when I've worked with these boys. The driver has a look at the engine but there's not much he can do so has to call it in. There's not much we can do except head back to bed and catch a few zzz's

I wake up about noon and still no help has arrived. We're only about 3 hours away from venue so no one seems too worried. The band are all still sound asleep but Ian the tour manager is up and about trying to get done what work he can.

Mo and Webster are first of the band to rise and we get a mini tournament of FIFA 09 going on the 360. I go the mighty hoops, Mo - Real Madrid and Webster - Barcelona. That as always causes plenty of arguments but does kill a couple of hours. I wont tell you who won - it's the taking part that counts aint it?

With the bus now freezing help finally arrives about 3 o'clock and after and hour much to everyones relief we're back on the road and heading to Shrewsbury. When we get there there just time to run through a quick soundcheck before the doors open. It's the Laws last night with us until we're back up in Scotland and they are looking for a good send of so it's straight over to the pub for an hour and then back across to watch their full set. The rowdy crowd seem to enjoy them and reckon they have earned a fair few new fans not only tonight but all the dates they have played with us.

The View get through another sublime show. There a couple of guys near the front attempt to rile & antagonise Keiren throughout the set but he's big enough and ugly enough can take care of them himself. Nae bother there.

After the gig everyone meets up at a cool pub called the Nags Head till shutting time to say farewell to The Law. The View and crew go back to the bus and finish off whatever drink is left. Tomorrow we have a day off in Falmouth.

Davie Dial-Up x


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