Friday, October 31, 2008

5Rebbecca's Review

Rated 5/5

New single '5 Rebbecca’s’ from Dundonian rockers 'The View’ is released next week and is set to be the first single released from new album 'Which Bitch’. This catchy tune shows the View have not strayed from their unique and spirited pop songs that sent previous album 'Hats off to the Buskers’ to number one at the beginning of the year.

'5 Rebbecca’s’ documents the people they know from rough hometown Dryburgh. People outside the View’s fanbase might sniff upon the cheeky lyrics, but these local guys have the power to write about ordinary mundane life and transform it into a vivacious music style.

'5 Rebbecca’s’ is a great song to kick off the new album, and although it’s not a surprising sound to come from The View, it’s an all round great song to prove the View, as the slogan goes, are definitely on fire.

By Susan Ford,


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