Friday, November 07, 2008

5Rebbecca's Review

The view are back with a new single, '5Rebbecca's' was released on October 27th, the first single off 'Which Bitch', the long awaited follow up to The View's first album 'Hats off to the buskers'.

Listen to carefully and you will hear a 'Status Quo' like opening but this oozes as much energy and bounce as the more chipper numbers, 'Wasted Little Dj's', 'Superstar Tradesman' and 'Dance Into The Night' off the last offering from the Dundee foursome.

Front man Kyle Falconer's voice still has the roughness and gravelly Scottish tone as before and still manages to sing somewhat unrecognisable lyrics!!, but this never seems to matter.

The View are back but are they still on fire?

The Tune Review, 7th November 2008


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