Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Update from 1965...

...Thursday was Dunfermline and the first night of the merry pranksters ride around Great Britain. The Dryburgh 4 have become The Dryburgh 5, welcome Rennie. Rennie was always there but he plays keys on some of the tunes too nowadays. Great gig in Velocity attended by the master of disaster and the Vig who got Falconered on the tour bus after.

Friday in Inverness was the hottest gig 65 has attended in some time. Curly mops stuck to faces. Wombles in leathers fainting from the heat. Tommy Cockles' number was on the front of the Daily Record. He couldn't believe his luck, all these sweaties calling him up, plenty of mugs to sell his moody electrical gear to. Shame they were nowhere near the Old Kent Road.

Forres was "the best show the view have played this year" - Kieren Webster

A ride south through the Cairngorms and we were back in Edinburgh for last nights show at Cabaret Voltaire. If 65 had it's chops as a scribe it would make some reference to Sheffield bleeps and bass again but we are hard of thinking today. Another top show, another set of sweatmonsters. The single is out next monday. Preorder it HERE!

A tour of duty so punishing it would make Chuck Norris cry like a baby, The Dryburgh 5 laugh in the face of such worries and are on top of the world. Hats off!

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