Saturday, October 18, 2008

Take a new look at The View

They may have been in a tizz about wearing the Same Jeans for four days, but The View should maybe address their terrible spelling as revealed by the title of their comeback single, 5Rebbecca's.

It appears that the frightfully young Dundonian scamps spent far too long listening to the likes of Ash and early Oasis when they should've been at school, but the time spent studying their immediate predecessors in the Britpop hierarchy has paid off.

Like much of their debut LP, Hats Off To The Buskers, 5Rebbecca's has the bounce and swagger of their influences, tied to an unashamedly catchy melody.

It certainly bodes well for the band's second album, especially as they had spoken recently about using strings and brass on the record, usually a sign of ambitious folly in a band so fresh. Another dose of fuzzed-up pop along the lines of Wasted Little DJs and Superstar Tradesman would be much more welcome.

This mammoth trek around the UK should be a good opportunity to check out exactly what else The View have up their sleeve other than the new single, while giving the band an opportunity to show why their live show attracts so much praise.

by AARON LAVERY, The Metro - Thursday, October 16, 2008


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