Monday, October 20, 2008

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Day 2 - Inverness Raigmore - Fri 17th Oct

It was a small pub type motel. We hung about for soundcheck and, oh went in to town had a couple of pints, went round the town, had a bite to eat, back for sound check. Great food again: steak pie, lasagne, macaroni cheese. The venue packed out really quickly with loads of people outside waiting to come in, it was chocka! The heat was immense even before the band came on, it was Charlenes birthday so the girls were up. We celebrated her birthday in the dressing room, just got pissed up and Ian the tour manager got her a cake and a drink.

Right through the songs the heat was unbelievable, the clothes were soaking wet, the boys were almost naked and nearly feinted because it was so hot! Loads of water was being handed out. The lads were pouring bottles of water over their heads. The gig kicked off again. Afterwards we retreated to the dressing room and loads of fans waited outside to meet and greet. In the dressing room the steam coming off the boys it was unbelievable. The vibe was very high, so thats 2 gigs under the belt! Then we went to the bus for another all night party!

Ryan McPhail x

Day 3 - Forres Loft - Sat 18th Oct

We woke up in the bunks to find ourselves on some sort of farm with barns, sheep, pigs, cats, like at a caravan site. There was like a quad biking place next to it and a shooting range but we never got to use any of them. The whole venue was freezing cold. We just had to hang around during the day. We went to have a few drinks but the radiator burst and was pissing water everywhere, the owner came and he wasn't too happy, he wasn't best pleased at all but we just wiped it up and pretended it never happened but he still found out later. Dundee solo artist Alan Turner was first support and he was amazing, he went down really well. The Brouges played another storming set too.

Onto the boys gig and the whole barn was full. People were squashed right up the front and the sides. Was the best gig of the tour so far, spirits were really high and the band were really happy. It was the tightest the band have been so far.

At the end of the gig everyone was backstage. There was a really old bicycle backstage and Reni jumped on the bike and rode right across stage into the crowd. The security had to fight for the bike off the crowd but Reni was ok! Afterwards we went back to the bus for a drink. We went back to a couple of chalet parties that some fans had rented out and then wepartied there all night!

Ryan McPhail x


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