Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tour blog continues...


Nottingham, oh Nottingham, how we love you and we are sorry for the state of oor wee Falconer last week. He's been having way too much fun on this tour so far, playing in packed venues in every nook and cranny of the UK. Especially with those Law boys along, we always have a laugh they're with us. We'd been in the pub all day. Everyone recognised Kyle and bought him drinks. There's no excuses here but it's not easy saying no either. We all know that.

We had a good day there, arrived early and went straight in the boozer with the boys from The Law and the rest of our crowd.

Ian (our tour manger) rounded everyone up about 9ish and we all staggered across the road.

So the boys took to the stage and Kyle struggled through the first couple of songs and just about got away with it but the next few after that are totally fucked up. It was a real mess and the rest of the band were raging.

The band agree that there's no point continuing the show with Kyle and they call on a couple of The Law boys to take his place. The Law know The View tunes almost as well as their own so its not a problem for them. They fire through Skag Trendy and a couple of covers and Kieren gets to play Cherry Girl for the first time on the tour - he's been dying to play it since the Proud show.

Set's over and we all head backstage. Kyle looks more focused and sincerely apologies to his bandmates - he's embarrassed as anyone.

Kyle's asked me to send his apologies to everyone who had a ticket for the show. The band have promised to come back to Nottingham as soon as possible to make up for it.

peace out

Ryan x


We had a good day off yesterday - we headed back to Manchester and met up with our mate Collette. She invited us all back to her place for a lovely 3 course meal. It was the first decent thing we've had to eat since hitting the road. Collette then took us round some pubs and clubs round her way. After a few hours about town we then went back to hers and continued the party there.

Next stop is Wrexham. The venue is an old train station - really good vibe. We're not too heavy on the drink today, we all mainly just stick to the beers. I spend most of the day on the bus going through some ideas for the album artwork - I've been given a deadline by the label so I need to get my head down and get on with it.

The boys bump into a guy called Andy we met the last time we were in this neck of the woods. He joins us for a drink and asks Kieren if he can play a wee support slot before The Law and Kieren kindly agrees.

The Law follow him and their set is going well. Purvey is getting cheek from some guy in the crowd for a while but he soon silences him with some quality Dundee throwbacks.

The View come on stage and look determined to make it a good one. They batter through their set without a note out of place. The crowd are loving it and so are the boys - normal service has resumed.

The security guy from the venue has organised us a wee place for an aftershow, taking us to nightclub close by. They have an area set us aside where we can just sit and chill and have a few drinks and a chat with the fans who were at the gig.

Ryan McPhail x


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