Friday, October 24, 2008

On Tour - Hull & Manchester...

Day 6 - Welly Club, Hull - Wed, 22nd Oct

On arrival in Hull, rough from last nights exploits we head to the pub for some tea's and coffees to blow the cobwebs away. We take a walk around town but nothing much to see to be honest, not the most exciting place I've ever been to.

We head to the venue of tonights gig, the Welly Club and the band run through their soundcheck with The Law and the alcohol and shenanigans are again in full flow. The people at the Welly club are as hospitable as always - a great bunch of folk

The Law take to the stage about 8'o'clock and are again well received by the sell out audience. Tonights audience is a good mix of both young and old and makes for a nice atmosphere.

The Law have warmed the crowd up nicely and when The View land on stage the place is rocking. Plenty of crowd surfers tonight, probably more here than the previous week's gigs put together. Again, some of the audience seem to know the words to unreleased songs on Which Bitch? cheeky buggers!

After the gig we have a few more beers, head to the aftershow which isn't up to much to head back to the comfort of the tour bus and have our own private party.

Ryan McPhail x

Day 7- Moho, Manchester - Thurs, 23rd Oct

We're now in Manchester. Manchester is like a home from home. Myself and the band have a lot of mates round here so always guaranteed a good day and night out. I hang around the tour bus most of the day painting and skribbling and the boys head into the centre of town to do some shopping.

Again soundcheck is around 5pm. The View get through there songs without a problem but The Law's soundcheck are littered with loads of technical hitches - sure they'll be ok for the show come tonight though.

Tonights venue is Moho, run by the nice chap from Embrace, Danny McNamara. Doors open 7.30 and the place fills up really, really quickly.
It's by far the biggest stage we've came across on the tour so far with really low ceilings. We met up earlier with our mate Dean Bailey (Deano) and persuaded him to go up and play a short set before The Law come on. He's shit hot. Next up The Law and there's no sign of the technical problems from earlier in the evening.

Half way through their set a familiar figure appears backstage - its Mani! and everyone heads to the dressing room for a pre View gig party. Mani's his usual jovial self and has everyone is stitches with his jokes and carry on. Its good to see him again.

Mani's only too happy to be offered the job of introducing the main act onstage, whipping the crowd into a frenzy before even a guitar chord is struck. The first song 'Glass Smash', even though its a new song, is difficult to hear over the noise of the crowd. This is gonna be a great gig. The band batter through all the familiar favourites with Same Jeans, Wasted Little DJ's getting the usual warm reception and the new ones are well received too. More was to come though, with the boys getting their heads together on stage and playing a surprise cover version of Oasis' classic Don't Look Back In Anger sending the already whooped up crowd into a mental frenzy. The last song of the night Shock Horror is the perfect way to end what was a perfect gig.

Afterwards the boys security guy Dave, who's from Manchester, takes us to one of his favourite hang-outs 'Big Hands' and we drink like all true scotsman do, into the wee small hours...

Ryan McPhail x


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