Friday, October 24, 2008

Days 4 and 5 from the road

Day 4 - Caberet Voltaire - Sun 19th Oct

Arrived in Edinburgh then checked out the venue. Quite a small venue down some stairs in a cellar type room with dark looking vibe.

The gear got loaded in and the boys went for a wander around Edinburgh checking out art stores, clothes shops and buying some more toiletries because they're all starting to smell a bit.

The gig was really busy again, sold out. Hotter than the last hot gig. The bands parents came up to support their kids and a lot of friends from dundee came over too. The fans surprisingly knew all the words to a lot of the new songs and they liked all the songs. It was another storming set with Rennie almost off the stage, because it was so small he had to sit on the stairs.

The gig was good again, afterwards there was a VIP room for friends and family with a groovy catwalk in it. Everyone was doing the catwalk, showing off and stuff, it was great. After the VIP party we got on the bus and left for Newcastle.

Ryan McPhail x

Day 5 - Carling Academy 2 - Mon 21st Oct

Arrived at the venue in the bus as usual to see The Views name in lights on the front of the venue! We went to see the Newcastle v. Man City game on our day off 2-2 and amazing match, very exciting!

The dressing room was behind the big stage which the bands had played before. It was humbling for the lads to walk past the bigger stage to the smaller stage knowing they'd rocked it many times before.

The Law boys turned up for their first support gig on the tour with loads of fireworks with the intention of the night going with a bang.

The View boys and The Law sound checked feeling comfortable on stage and their surroundings.

When the fans started to come in we went to see the Celtic - ManU game in the pub across the road (3-0 ManU).

The Law went on half way through the game so we went to watch them.

They were brilliant, rocking out and warming up the crowd for the boys to go on. it was a great gig with everyone singing along.

The front row was full of kids loving the gig whereas the further they got back the adults were more critical checking out what the hype was about, but the band won them over in the end, as per!

We all ended up in Newcastle digital club.

Ryan McPhail x


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