Friday, October 17, 2008

MySpace Blog Day 1

We travelled up from london overnight to Dunfermline and then the gig was awesome, amazing, it was 900 capacity, the brouges played amazingly too, was a good gig. We had steak pie and chips and macaroni and cheese, it was ne bad, it was good! Rennis playing with them now, he had a great time, he wasnt nervous actually, he was quietly confident.

Owen Morris came down. He's thinking of working with Kyles brothers band The Brogues because he liked it so much. Everyone was there, the best of them, it was good to see all our friends again. And then we just went back to the bus for some sort of party and overnight travel to Rigmore and hopefully we'll have some better stories tonight.

The View put club Velocity back on the map!

hopefully they won't go trashing things and going on the rampage for better stories, though I know the stories will get better!

Ryan McPhail x


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