Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kyle apologies...

THE View's frontman, Kyle Falconer, has apologised to fans for turning up to a gig so plastered he couldn't perform.

The singer arrived on stage at Nottingham's Bodega Social club so out of it he could barely stand up, let alone hold a tune.

The lead singer from The View's support band then had to stand in for Kyle for most of show.

Last night, Kyle issued an apology to disappointed fans and promised he would not fail them again.

He said: "I'm really sorry to have let all our fans down. There's no excuses, I'm just really sorry I got so drunk and couldn't do the gig.

"We all love playing live, so I feel terrible I let the fans and the band down and couldn't put on our usual show. We'll be back in Nottingham in January. Tickets from the October show will be valid and I promise to keep out of the pub when we play."

The Dundonian was spotted at the bar before last Friday's gig, where he confessed to one fan that he was "in trouble because he was so battered he couldn't sing".

But the hell-raising musician later joined his bandmates Kieren Webster, Pete Reilly and Steven Morrison on stage and struggled to sing before storming off after a furious word from bassist Kieren.

Kyle then returned only to slump to the floor in a drunken stupor before exiting for good, leaving his fuming bandmates and singer Stuart Purvey from support band The Law, to cover for him.

Kieren confessed: "We are having what is known in the business as a nightmare." Among the songs they actually managed to play were tracks Skag Trendy and 5 Rebeccas.

Disappointed fans hit out on band forums, with some comparing Kyle to Pete Doherty.
One said: "Kyle was seeing more than 5 Rebeccas. Pretty sad gig, Kyle was a shambles."

Another fumed: "What a mess. I'm not sure I will have the heart to pay for anything they do again. Kudos for the rest of the band for staying on stage - but that's not enough in my opinion."

A third added: "It was like watching the break-up of The Libertines all over again, just swap Pete for Kyle and Carl for Kieren. I hope I'm wrong and Kyle learns his lesson."

But it's not the first time the singer has appeared on stage drunk.

He repeatedly forgot words to songs, fell into the drums, shouted abuse at the jeering crowd and even tried to start a fight with drummer Steven at another of the band's gigs at Edinburgh's Liquid Rooms last December.

Daily Record, 30th October 2008


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