Wednesday, October 22, 2008

5Rebbecca's Review

Rated 8/10

All the way back in 2007, The View were an indie-rock ray of light, their debut album ‘Hats Off To The Buskers’ was something fresh, vibrant and extremely danceable. And now, the Dundonian four-piece are back. And not a moment too soon.

‘5Rebeccas’ will be played to death at indie-discos up and down the country. But unlike the audio-shite we’re often given, this is something really, really good. A tale of drunken debauchery, Kyle Falconer rasps over a ‘…Morning Glory’ era Oasis riff about his “Five Rebeccas and none of them’s close to me…the one I love the most, has turned into a junkie”, before a pirate like singalong interlude- “Wasn’t for my treasure you’d be rich my dear” (it’s much, much better than it sounds), and finally a screaming, ramshackle singalong of a climax, that somehow manages to sound like absolute perfection. This is a joyous rampage that doesn’t quite match the brilliance of ‘Hats Off..’’s ‘Wasted Little DJs’, but doesn’t fall too far off the mark. The View are back - thank the indie Jesus.

by Matthew Handley, The Music Magazine, 19th October 2008


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