Friday, November 30, 2007

The View help band to go up in the world

An unknown Scots band have been hand-picked to tour with one of the UK's hottest groups.

Bishopbriggs-based Hi 5 Alive couldn't believe their luck when The View asked them to open their next Scottish gigs.

Dundee indie rockers The View got their big break thanks to wayward rocker Pete Doherty, who spotted the four-piece busking in their home town and offered them a support slot.

And it seems The View, who scored a top five album with Hats Off To The Buskers, haven't forgotten their roots and are happy to give the same leg up to another young band.

Hi 5 Alive drummer Andy Rhodes, 22, said he and his band mates - guitarist Ryan Diamond, 22, and bassist Richie Bell, 21 - were stunned when The View made the offer - especially since the band only started gigging in February.

He said: "We were playing a show at the Marquee in Dundee and it turned out The View's bassist Keiren Webster was in the crowd.

"Afterwards he came up and told us how much he'd enjoyed the gig - then we couldn't believe it when he asked us to be their support band on their next tour.

"We absolutely jumped at the chance."

Hi 5 Alive, who don't yet have a record deal, will open for The View at their gigs in Edinburgh on Sunday and Dundee on December 13, where they hope to win a legion of new fans.

View bassist Keiren said: "We're really glad to have Hi 5 Alive playing with us. They're a great band who are well worth hearing.

"We like to have local bands play with us, there are so many out there who deserve more of a chance."

Hi 5 Alive will also headline King Tut's on December 21.

by Marianne Taylor, Glasgow Evening Times 30th November 2007


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