Friday, September 14, 2007


THE View's bass player Kieran Webster has smashed his hand in a mystery accident., It means he won't be picking up his guitar for a few weeks after the incident in Dundee earlier this week., Luckily, the band are having a break for a few weeks in their home city so it won't affect their touring schedule, but they had hoped to do some work on their new album., A spokesman for The View said: "Yes, Kieran has smashed his hand although we can't give details beyond that so we couldn't say how he did it or how badly damaged it is.

"The band are on holiday for six weeks and not gigging at the moment so no shows have to be cancelled."

He refused to comment on suggestions the 20-year-old injured himself by punching a wall during an argument.

Last week Kieran was involved in a drunken scuffle with one of The View's management team following the Mercury Music Awards.

Security staff had to intervene when fists flew between the bassist and Robin Wynn Evans at the bash in London.

The View were nominated for their album Hats Off To The Buskers but were beaten to the award by Klaxons.

Kieran and his bandmates Kyle Falconer, Peter Reilly and Steven Morrison are notorious for their wild antics. Last month they caused £5000 worth of damage at a designer store opening when they sprayed bottles of champagne over designer handbags.

And at T in the Park in July, boozy Kieran nearly missed their headline slot on Saturday night when he was almost run over.

He staggered and fell in front of a car driven by XFM DJ Scott Shaw, which had to make an emergency stop to avoid crushing him.

On the same weekend the band gate crashed a wedding reception at their hotel in Stirlingshire with singer Kyle being frog marched to bed in the early hours by staff.

Daily Record, 14th September 2007


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