Sunday, September 23, 2007

Famous guitarist was in Abrah Kebabrah

Peter Reilly, who is the guitarist of the English rock band The View, has been spending his holiday in Ölüdeniz with his family for the past ten years. Reilly family is having a nice holiday and they get together with their friends in Abrah Kebabrah Restaurant in the evenings.

Father Peter Reilly describes Ölüdeniz and Turkey as ’the sunny side of Scotland.” He says that Scottish and Turkish people are very much alike: ’We have felt a warmth here and we have been spending our holidays in Ölüdeniz for the past ten years in May and September. Our every moment is special and pleasant here.” Peter Reilly said that he met his Scottish friend Richard in Abrah Kebabrah and it turned out that they live in the same city in Scotland: ’When I first saw him, I thought he was Russian, but it turned out that we are from the same city. He is a really good friend of mine now.”
The View is possibly going give a concert in Istanbul next year.

Oludeniz Post, Turkey

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"ENGLISH" Rock band
Since wen has Dundee been in England

5:22 pm  
Anonymous rrrichyrich said...

In Turkey, "British" translates as Ingiliz, which also means English. There are a few other mistakes in the article but no harm done I suppose.

2:13 am  

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