Monday, July 09, 2007

'We're never playing Falkirk again'

A secret gig by The View in the Martell Club, Falkirk descended into chaos on July 4.

Bottles were hurled at the band, a sound-man suffered a cut lip and bassist Kieran Webster launched himself at a heckler.

The Scottish foursome were playing an intimate warm-up show, in preparation for their appearance at the T In The Park festival this weekend (July 6-8).

However the atmosphere turned sour as the crowd began throwing bottles half-way through the band's set.

Front-man Kyle Falconer narrowly avoided a glass bottle to the face, but a sound-man was less fortunate.

He was hit by a bottle, resulting in cuts to his mouth. "There was blood everywhere," a spokesperson for the band told the Daily Record.

As the gig continued Falconer said, pointing to one prominent heckler, "This is the last time we're playing Falkirk. It's because of that dick there we won't be coming back."

Webster followed his bandmate's declaration by mounting a speaker and launching himself at the heckler.

Despite their experience, the band are still set to perform their festival slot this weekend. 6th July 2007


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