Sunday, July 08, 2007

The View at T in the Park

THEY were up against The Killers and Brian Wilson, but The View at King Tut’s were the Scottish triumph of the very Scottish T in the Park.

The tent was full to bursting half an hour before the band took the stage just before 10pm. Stewards kept a firm line against those prepared to jump the barriers.

“The View!..” shouted lead singer Kyle Falconer and the crowd duly completed the football-terrace chant which booms out at all their gigs now - “The View, The View, The View are on fire!”

Every song seemed to be faster than the one before. The sound at the back of the arena wasn’t the best and Falconer - a riot of curls and wearing his guitar high on his chest - could only be properly understood between the numbers.

“Chee-urs,” he said “T in the f***in’ Park.”

But no one seemed to mind. The band played “Superstar Tradesman” and others from the debut album, including “Same Jeans” - “The story of our last tour,” said Falconer.

And when they blasted through their debut single “Wasted little DJs” - still their best song - the chorus was a lusty sing-a-long. Considering it’s written in their own special Dundee language, that was pretty impressive.
Main Stage next year?

BY AIDAN SMITH, Scotland on Sunday 7th July 2007


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