Sunday, July 08, 2007

Hometown heroes at T In The Park

The View played their second gig of the day tonight (July 7), as they headlined the King Tut's Tent at T In The Park.

Having played at Oxegen this morning, the band were treated as returning heroes at T In The Park, located close to their Dundee home.

With an abundance of Scottish flags flying, The View launched into the opener of their debut album, 'Comin' Down', before following up with B-side 'Screamin' 'n' Shoutin''.

Bassist Kieren Webster told the crowd: "This is the best festival in the world, and it's a pleasure to play for you!"

The View performed crowd favourites 'Wasted Little DJs', 'Street Lights' and 'Face For The Radio', with one fan even perilously scaling a tent pole to get a better view.

The T In The Park audience was also treated to a new song, the jaunty 'Fireworks And Flowers', as well as The View's customary cover of Squeeze's 'Up The Junction'.

The View played:

'Comin' Down'
'Screamin' 'n' Shoutin''
'Dance Into The Night'
'Wasted Little DJs'
'Don't Tell Me'
'Street Lights'
'The Don'
'Gran's For Tea'
'Skag Trendy'
'Fireworks And Flowers'
'Wasteland / Typical Time'
'Face For The Radio'
'Same Jeans'
'Up The Junction'
'Superstar Tradesman', 7th July 2007


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