Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Face For The Radio Review

Rated 4/5

In a bold move, The View lift a track from debut album Hats Off To The Buskers that veers away from their tried-and-tested swaggering, loud-mouthed formula.

Face For The Radio, most notable in composition for its lack of drums, is a stripped-down acoustic number; gently melodic, refreshingly unpretentious, and vaguely reminiscent of The Libertines minus posturing and/or arrogance.

It’s a meandering, hazy summer’s afternoon of a tune that makes a pleasant contrast to their previous singles.
Not as incendiary as tracks like Same Jeans, with their jarring catchiness and frenetic choruses, it showcases a more mature side to The View.

Releasing Face For The Radio is perhaps a brave step, but one which ought to garner respect – if only for going some way towards proving that these Scottish braggarts are not merely one-trick-ponie

by Sally Cook, Manchester Evening News, 27th June 2007


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