Monday, June 25, 2007

NME Blog from Glasto

The View
11:13:39 pm

“I tell you something,” Kyle View drawls into the mic, as Frisbees ricochet off his boozy frame, “They Frisbees are beautiful, and ahm no bothered if one of em hits me, because it’s light. It’ll bounce off.”

Across the pit, ten, twenty, thirty Frisbees are being flung from here to there. Someone flings one, someone else grabs it, passes it on. It’s like some field of neon butterflies. And as the final rays of sun set over Glasto '07, it’s bloody lovely.

As are The View, whose Saturday morning stint seems to have cleared the pipes for a Sunday night set that sees them masters of their own material. When they fire up, it’s on all cylinders, and when they go mooshier than the mud that licks at the crowd’s shins, they’ve got a genuine, unforced sensitivity which often gets railroaded in their haste to give-it-some.

‘Superstar Tradesman’ ends their weekend, some bloke with green astro-turf for hair grins appreciatively, and a beach ball slathered in mud goes skittering across the crowd. Nice.

Best Song: 'Superstar Tradesman' 25th June 2007


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