Monday, June 04, 2007

Right Place, Right Time

The View lead guitarist, Peter Reilly, talks about touring recording and fighting.

Scottish rock ensemble, The View, has been plowing through the European music circuit playing every venue and festival possible including the Joe Strummer Premier. TV and Radio have been giving them a nod and a solid foundation for their music as well. The media never seems to skip a beat with these guys due to their youth, loud lifestyle and run-ins with the law. Crave had the opportunity to take to a phone conversation via the Netherlands. Guitarist, Peter Reilly spills some words about the tour efforts, the record, luck and fist fights.

Crave Online: So, you're in the Netherlands right now? How has your tour been so far?
Peter Reilly: It's good, man. It feels good to tour Europe...

Crave Online: Has the tour been moving smoothly?
Peter Reilly: Yeah, yeah. All the shows are sold out and there are more fans on this tour.

Crave Online: You need the support on your tour. Right? (Said with a laugh)
Peter Reilly: Yes, of course.

Crave Online: Tell me about the record. How have fans been taking to the music?
Peter Reilly: It's #1 in Britain.

Crave Online: What can you tell me about your live show? What makes it unique from other bands?
Peter Reilly: There's lots of energy and we don't play the songs the same every time.

Crave Online: Do you ever "jam" on songs? Can you just let go with your music?
Peter Reilly: Not really so much on the songs. During the set and sound check, we get a little bit of time to do it.

Crave Online: When you're playing live, what are you trying to impress upon your fans?
Peter Reilly: [With the View], it's not just about the music. It's about who we are as people. We can inspire people to be in a band. We're just four guys that did everything we could to make good music and start a band.

Crave Online: What are some of the influences that had some pull in the development of the View?
Peter Reilly: The Libertines, Fleetwood Mac... anything.

Crave Online: The View is quickly on the rise. At this moment, what in this band makes you want to be the musician that you are?
Peter Reilly: The best part about our situation is that we can get our music across, to travel and see the world, and to have stories to tell. The main thing is that we hope we get a good vibe across to the fans.

Crave Online: I suppose that's all you can expect... really.
Peter Reilly: Yeah.

Crave Online: Have you had any crazy experiences out on the road? Which one stands out the most?
Peter Reilly: Kyle [Falconer, vocalist] and I got into a fight and were rolling about on the ground. That's the most memorable crazy experience I have from this tour. I think we were a bit too drunk! [He laughs].

Crave Online: What's next with the View? Any upcoming goals?
Peter Reilly: Well, after the European tour, we will hit up as many festivals as possible. Festival season starts up soon and we are looking forward to hitting the road for that.

Crave Online: What are the plans with the US tour?
Peter Reilly: We have to get a waiver to keep Kyle out of trouble.

Crave Online: Well, I'm looking forward to you guys coming back this way to play the US again.
Peter Reilly: Yeah, I am looking forward to coming back as well. It was really good the last time despite what happened. I hope we can come back soon.

Crave Online: How would you describe the last tour? Was it a good experience?
Peter Reilly: Yes. It was a great experience. Not just for the gigs, but most of us in the band had never been to America. To see San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles was a really memorable experience for us. It was great, man!

Crave Online: How did the music take to audiences in the US?
Peter Reilly: Gooooood.

Crave Online: Did you guys play the Troubadour in LA?
Peter Reilly: No. We played the Viper Room.

Crave Online: That's a really great place to play in Los Angeles. The Viper is one of the last places in LA that still possesses a nice intimate vibe.
Peter Reilly: Yeah, that's what was good about the Viper Room. Good crowd, great people. It was definitely cool.

Crave Online: What was inspiration for most of your music?
Peter Reilly: Most of it is about the lives and stories that manifested from our experiences back at home in Scotland. A couple of the songs are about our close friends.

Crave Online: When do you plan on piecing together new material for the next record?
Peter Reilly: Right now, we are just focused on wrapping up the festivals. After that, we will start writing and then get into the studio.

Crave Online: What got you started as a musician?
Peter Reilly: I got a guitar when I was 15 and Kyle got one as well. We thought it would be cool to be in a band. That's how it all started.

Crave Online: Now that you have a little taste of going on tour and taking the View to the road, has there been any kind of motivation to play other kinds of music?
Peter Reilly: We're not afraid to be different. Our second album was already much different from the first.

Crave Online: So, where are going to take the music for your next release?
Peter Reilly: We are probably going to make it a little darker. The last record was bit "poppy" and I think it would be a good transition.

Crave Online: Has being involved with the music industry been much of a struggle for you guys?
Peter Reilly: No. Not at all. We just formed a band and got picked up. I guess we were at the right place at the right time.

Crave Online: Now that you are "in," what kind of advice do you have for other people attempting to be a part of the music business and get their music heard?
Peter Reilly: Make sure that you make a whole-hearted effort. If you only do it half-hearted, you'll never get anything done and your music will never be heard. We just decided to quit our jobs, get a rehearsal space, practice all day every day and get really tight as a band. That's how we did it!

by Mike Rudolph, CraveOnline, May 30, 2007


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