Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Kyle’s better, says Mum

THE VIEW’S lead singer Kyle Falconer is on the mend after spending four days in a Japanese hospital.
Kyle (19) was taken to hospital in Fukuoka on Thursday with blood poisoning after a foot blister turned septic.

His mother Elizabeth said on Friday he was released and played a gig that night, returning to hospital to have fresh dressings on his wound.

A band source said the singer then had to spend the weekend in hospital to ensure his recovery.

“He was a lot chirpier yesterday, he was back to his old self because he was a bit down,” the source said.

“He’s been in hospital for four days and the band have actually done a couple of gigs without him, with Kieren singing. There was some talk about abandoning the tour and coming home, but we’re not sure what’s happening. I think we’ll know more today.

“Kyle was wearing new shoes and got a blister, which turned septic and he wasn’t very well, but I think he’s fine now.”

Evening Telegraph, 28th May 2007


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