Thursday, May 31, 2007

Malaysian Album Review

Franz Ferdinand, The Fratellis and now The View. The Scottish guitar army onslaught continues with this young working-class quartet from Dundee that blew up student union bars before crashing into the indie mainstream. The View’s bad-boy image was also sealed early on with the band riding a scooter into a Scottish pub (and getting banned from it) and singer/guitarist Kyle Falconer being busted for cocaine possession, leading to a cancellation of a US tour.

Talk about a train wreck of an indie rock ‘n’ roll band. Hardly a surprise that Pete Doherty is a big fan while (Oasis producer) Owen Morris put this debut album together.

But to their credit, The View’s prodigious and precocious talent shine through their cocksure singles such as Wasted Little DJs, Same Jeans and Superstar Tradesman.

Apart from the indie anthems and swaggering attitude, the strum fest on Face For The Radio, proves that these blokes can do bittersweet with ease.

By MELODY L. GOH, Star Ecentral, Malaysia, 31 May 2007


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