Friday, June 22, 2007

NME report from Glastonbury

The reason that The View are so often on fire is that they persist on dousing themselves in booze. An early start after being spotted in bars in the wee hours of last night has subdued them somewhat - or maybe it's just Big Stage nerves. Still, they play a new one, 'Fireworks and Flowers', which features a man who looks like Damon Albarn's dad playing the trombone. It's all very Parklife.

Everyone starts singing to 'Face For The Radio', which is weird. Then, after they rocket out with 'Superstar Tradesman', the entire crowd pushes off as one. The Earlies' set next looks more likely to be The Empties. Shame.

Best Moment: When Kyle lets out a squawking high note during 'The Don', sounding not unlike he's giving birth to a bowling ball.

Best Song: 'Superstar Tradesman'., 22nd June 2007


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