Friday, January 05, 2007

Brimful of fun ... Cornershop

Brimful of fun ... but has Cornershop tune been ripped off?

I LOVED the new single from THE VIEW the first time I heard it — but it sounded strangely familiar.

Then it hit me — the Dundee trio’s track, Same Jeans, is incredibly similar to CORNERSHOP’s 1998 No1 Brimful Of Asha, with both songs following the same chord sequence.

Nevertheless, The View are shaping up to be one of 2007’s big bands.

The single is out on January 15 — and there’s an album called Hats Off To The Buskers a week later.

Cornershop vanished into obscurity soon after their No1.

Hopefully the same will not happen to The View.

To hear both tracks and decide for yourself,
  • click here

  • thanks to Undertow for link


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