Thursday, January 04, 2007

The View @ Mercury Lounge

Let me tell you, that Rosie O'Donnell is quite the ax man.

All kidding aside, Scottish imports The View made their second New York appearance tonight, insuring that 2007 will see a gaggle of similar sounding bands. Hopefully, the difference between the good bands and the also-rans are if they can actually play their instruments and develop a personality of their own. Good news for The View, their Strokes-ian approach of playing garage rock loud, fast and tight pays off. The four piece may look 13 years-old and sing about the trials of wearing the same jeans for four days straight, but they can kick some serious licks and basslines.

You pretty much have three modern U.K. bands to choose from to compare and new act, Franz Ferdinand (scots, I know), The Libertines or Arctic Monkey. The View fall into the Libertines category. They have that Yardbirds/Them 60s mod rock sound filtered through the booze filled nightlife of modern England. Although, some of The View songs take inspiration from Clash-style ska rock.

Their quick and painless set tonight had them plowing through some of their more compelling tracks like "Same Jeans" and "Posh Boys." Barely stopping just to tune their guitars, the lads have a hit and quit attitude for their live performance - a lot of killer, not much filler. You kind of have to bop around in place to their modish sound. There really isn't much to fault them on -- they do have their sound down pat, maybe they need a little more variety in their songs. Then again, they need to live that long hard road called teenage life to have some with more depth.

Even fellow Scot Alex Kapranos was curious to see what the buzz was about. I walked passed him not saying anything, then realized I should have given him my card. Dammit, now he'll never see my blog. 3/1/07


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