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The View from here

THE View is looking good for the newest contenders for the 2007 rock crown.
The shambolic Scottish four-piece are set to give Arctic Monkeys a run for their money with their amazing indie-punk guitar-led tracks.

And they’re all still under 20.

The View’s name was inspired by their rehearsal room at The Bayview Hotel in their hometown of Dundee.

The band — singer Kyle Falconer, guitarist Pete Reilly, bassist Kieren Webster and drummer Steve Morrison — have been performing together since their teens after meeting at primary school in the city’s Dryburgh district.

They finally got their big break early last year when Pete Doherty asked them to support Babyshambles on a London tour after hearing a demo.

Their debut single, Wasted Little DJs, made it to No15 in the charts just months later in August.

Recalling the moment the band decided to really go for it, Kyle says: “It all kicked off when Pete quit his job. The rest of us had (quit) but Pete’s dad wouldn’t let him. It was an apprenticeship. But then he quit anyway, behind his dad’s back and that’s when we started. Properly.”

Viewed as drop-outs by their families, the lads had to slog to prove themselves. Kyle says: “Our parents used to think we were wasters drinking all day, when we were actually working hard in the studio.

“They didn’t have a clue what we were up to. We’d be out from 12noon to 2am, and as we’d be coming home drunk they thought we’d been out boozing all day. We’d actually been locked in the studio, working so hard with a few celebratory drinks at the end.

“It’s great to show our mums we’re not wasters. Now our families come to our gigs. They’re so proud.”

The band were first drawn together by their love of Oasis, playing covers along with a bit of T-Rex and Stone Roses. But when Kyle and Kieren started to write songs, they realised they could be a band in their own right.

Their debut album, Hats Off To The Buskers, was produced by music legend Owen Morris, who has also worked with the likes of Oasis and The Verve.

Kyle recalls: “We were playing at our label 1965 Record’s launch party and Owen turned up very, very p***ed.

“Two days later he’d told our boss James Endeacott that he wanted to produce our album. It was very intense and hardcore. We’d go to bed at 10am and wake up at 4pm and work and work. Then do it again and again. Owen worked on a weird time scale.

“At first he thought we were too punky. He’s used to recording with bands that are quick and on time. He’s used to good musicians and though we are, we’re not perfectionists like Oasis.

“The first night we were recording I had a really bad headache with the flu and I had to go to bed. He freaked out and threatened not to work with us.

“But now we’re best mates. I love working with him.”

The album is out later this month and is already being tipped as one of the year’s biggest releases.

Kyle says: “The album title is an interpretation from a line in our new single Same Jeans. Also, Owen Morris said we looked like buskers when he first met us and a lot of people have also labelled us as Scouse buskers even though we’re not from Liverpool. Must be something to do with the hair!”

He continues: “I cannae wait to see it in the shops. It took just three weeks in total to record, then ages to mix it.

“Some of the tracks like Claudia and Street Lights were written when we were just 15. They are the first songs we ever played to anybody.”

Despite the hype, the lads don’t expect the same speed of success as the Arctic Monkeys achieved last year.

“People are talking about us but we don’t worry too much,” says Kyle.

“We go with the flow even though we are in the eye of the storm.”

Apart from their love of Oasis, the four have varied influences.

“Kyle says: “I’m into Fleetwood Mac. Pete listens to The Stooges and the Rolling Stones and Kieren likes Bruce Springsteen and Thin Lizzy. I also really like Paolo Nutini. I think he’s f***ing brilliant.”

One of Kyle’s other musical heroes is fellow Dundonian, the late Billy Mackenzie of The Associates, who committed suicide in 1997.

“Our manager knew him and even though we aren’t old enough to remember him, I’ve heard loads of his music.

“He was a big thing for Dundee and I hope we are going to be. People have a new band to follow. We’ve already have kids staring and following us around.”

The band intend to be on the scene for a while. Kyle says: “We have half the second album written already. We’ve been stuck on a little sh***y tour bus but now we’re getting a real one so we’ll be able to write on tour.”

Their busy schedule of shows has seen them support not only Babyshambles but Primal Scream.

“They really looked after us, especially Mani but we know not to take the partying too far. There’s four of us so we can’t all be too wasted at the same time. We’re best mates. If one of us was taking the partying too far, we’d be able to tell them straight.”

But there’s one famous fan who Kyle would love to party with any time.

“Borat. He said I look like a Kazakh pimp and he wanted to do a duet. I’m not sure about that but I’d like to meet him. I doa great impression.”

The View’s single Same Jeans is out on January 15. The album Hats Off To The Buskers is out on January 22.

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