Monday, December 18, 2006


the sun is shining and the tiles are cracking...

just about got through yesterday. more photos and interviews for the boys. then a spot of shop, shop, shopping. little figures in eggs, robots, firecrackers and more firecrackers. kyle and mo thought is was November 5th i guess. then it was over to the clothes store....a beautiful little place with pictures of bobby gillespie everywhere to help the boys feel at home. jackets and coats were bought in abundance....very fine and dandy.

pete then came into his own when we sat down in a football bar to watch the rangers v celtic game live from Ibrox.....not the greatest of games but just the fact we could watch it was mad.

i bailed out about midnight and left the boys to wander into the night looking out for fun and frolics.

i've got work to do today....yeah i know. unfair. anyway it's showtime tonight - the horrors are going to turn up i believe....everyone is excited about doing their first 'proper' show in japan. the view's own show with soundchecks and everything....the clock is ticking....

more soon
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