Saturday, December 16, 2006


yesterday was a day for the battered and the bruised.....we trawled the bright lights of tokyo town with a pain in our head but with joy in our heart. there was noodles. there were arcade games and presents of little fluffy toys. the album art is finally coming together...all will be revealed in due course.

this saturday morning we have spread our wings....tokyu hands for gifts, new socks and shoes. coca cola and burgers. and a couple of interviews to boot.

today the boys finally get to play to their new japanese friends. hurrah. watch out preston and the children of neil and the heroes of 5 o'clock.

guess what - i bought a copy of the ripchord single in the local HMV last night.....735 yen....just over 3 quid. a bargain in my vinyl an' all

later my friends,

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