Thursday, August 17, 2006

Vroom with The View

The furore surrounding Dundee band The View looks set to reach an early peak this weekend when their debut single “Wasted Little DJs” races into the UK charts.
A combination of copious amounts of airplay and national acclaim from music industry heavyweights such as Radio One, NME and MTV2 looks set to propel the Dryburgh lads into at least the Top 20, if not higher.

And Dundee’s music lovers look intent on doing their bit to support Kyle, Kieren, Peter and Steven with copies of the seven-inch vinyl and gatefold CD single becoming this week’s must have fashion accessory.

Teenagers have been buying up copies by the shedload with retailers in the city centre, including HMV, Virgin, Fopp and Grouchos reporting strong sales of advanced copies before the Monday release.

With their star on the rise the band gave their loyal local following a treat last Thursday with a surprise show at Abertay University union.

Speaking to Grapevine after a thrilling set, The View manager Grant Dickson said the single had received an amazing response so far.

He said, “It has really gone down well. Ever since we put promos out to radio stations and DJs we have had some great feedback.

“A lot of people are telling us that’s it has already become the song you put on at the end of the night when you want to get everybody up and dancing, which is fantastic for the first release.”

With speculation suggesting the band’s debut album, which is set to be named “Hats off To The Buskers”, due for a January release, Grant admitted The View’s loyal band of local followers might have to travel a fair bit to catch the lads in the weeks and months ahead.

He explained, “Now the single is out there the guys are going to be pretty much on the road gigging for the next few months.

“It’s pretty much all over the place so we don’t know when they’ll get a chance to play a show in Dundee.

“It’s a bit of a struggle to find a venue big enough and suitable venue for the guys. They want to still play with a bit of intimacy and that’s not really possible in Dundee because so many people want to go and see the shows.”

With the teenagers set to enjoy the rock and roll dream in the weeks and months ahead The View will support ska upstarts The Dead 60s at Edinburgh’s Liquid Room on August 23.

If you can’t wait for your next fix of Dryburgh’s finest tune in to Zane Lowe on Radio One tonight to hear The View’s exclusive session.

Dundee Eveing Telegraph 11th August 2006


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