Monday, August 14, 2006

BBC Review of 'Wasted Little DJs'

Wow! Who knew there was any space, soundwise, between chippy guitar manglers like the Arctic Monkeys and chippy guitar manglers like Dirty Pretty Things? Well, if there is, it's currently being filled with this lot, and to be honest, they probably aren't getting a lot of breathing done.

Cos while this is a pretty good swervy romp around The State Of Indie Music in 2006, with nicely barbed lyrics, you can't really listen to the song without noting how very familiar everything sounds.

That said, this is a better pop song than anything Pete Doherty has put his name to for some time, and has a proper sing-song ending, like what they used to do in sea-shanties and stuff. So, for now, we'll let it go...

Fraser M


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