Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The View @ The Barfly, Cardiff

With a musical pedigree that looks like it’s been lifted from a overblown Hollywood script, Dundee quartet The View are a band that don’t take things by half. Penning a record deal with indie label Two Thumbs after just a handful of gigs, the band went on to support fellow rock 'n' roll hedonists Babyshambles and Primal Scream without any time for the music press to draw breath.

The whirlwind continues to gather pace as The View crash-landed into the top twenty of the UK singles chart this week with the knockabout anthem 'Wasted Little DJs'. The band slyly shuffle onto the stage tonight without notice until the blazing dual guitars from 'Posh Boys' cut a swathe between the middle of the crowd. The direct diatribe at silver-spooned warblers or well-to-do bands signalls what is about to be unleashed for the next forty minutes - a blistering set of melodic working class ethics that do exactly what they say on the tin.

The interaction between tracks is indecipherable due to an obvious accent barrier but lead singer Keiren is keen to get all those present as sweaty as possible and the razor-sharp 'Skag Trendy' nudges proceedings towards mass hysteria.

Being the cocky adolescents there are, The View decide to switch vocalists from Kieren to Kyle but the change doesn't bring about any variation in the gruff vocal delivery. The ramshackle-pop of 'The Don' is just a teaser until the Libertines-esque 'Wasted Little DJs' spits vitriol at all those who go to gigs for social status and shameful name-dropping.

Although the View have an arsenal of great tunes, there’s still not enough in the tank to drag out a wholly original set but the bands cover of Squeeze’s 'Up The Junction' is a clear indication of their ability to take a simple pop gem and turn it on it’s head.

After some mumbled thanks, the set ends with the Buzzcocks-inspired 'Comin’ Down', a rollicking conclusion to a chaotic night of no-nonsense music. The View may come across as a gang of guttersnipe humorist's, but their tales hold a lot more weight than a great deal of fabricated bands around today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The View are on fire and have more of a arsenal of songs to full they welsh valley's. You'se just never heard them all.

Maybe next time!

the Green man

8:32 pm  

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