Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Secret Gig at BadFormat!

Scottish band The View headlined the Sunday service at BadFormat! Social Club last night, kicking off the weekly BANDWAGONeque club supported by The Hot melts and Hey Tourists.

The not so ‘secret free gig’ saw the Social Clubs underground live room transformed into the banging sweat pit that it was destined to be, with the Dundee boys jumping on stage brandishing full bottles of Smirnoff and lemonade mixer.

Kicking off the set with Wasted Little Dj’s, crowd control had to be enforced as one lout, with hair curlier than front man Kyle’s, mounted the stage to try for a dance with bassist Kieran.

The band made full use of the clubs tinnitus inducing PA, working up the crowd into a gig/brawl frenzy that seems just for the brick tunnel venue.

After the success of their debut album Hats off to the Buskers in 2007, The View continue to knock out tunes that stick and last night performed tracks from their 2009 release Which Bitch?.

Lead singer Kyle said ‘This place is great, we’re moving to Liverpool , can we stay at yours?’ after coming off stage last night. The band have spent the week recording in Lark Lane’s Motor Museum, a studio that has saw The Arctic Monkeys, The Enemy and of course Atomic Kitten record over the years.

Whispers have already begun to circulate about the next secret gig that BadFormat! will spring on the city, with talk of Pete Doherty flying around the bar last night. After BadFormat! favourites Hey Tourists supported him this summer we’ll have to wait and see what surprises the new Truman Street venue come up with next.

You can find last nights set list on Spotify.com

Glass Smash // Wasted Little DJ's // 5Rebbeccas // The Don // Temptation Dice // Gran's For Tea // One Off Pretender // Skag Trendy // Realization // Comin' Down // Wasteland // Typical Time 2 // Covers // Distant Doubloon // Face For The Radio // Double Yellow Lines


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