Thursday, August 20, 2009

Which Bitch? review

Choosing to open with the chirpy and charming, but almost throwaway 'Typical Time' is a confident move from The View and that confidence is evident throughout this storming sophomore collection. Which Bitch? features not only brilliantly constructed tunes but also samples, strings and brass. They even leave on the odd snippet of chat, which contributes to the album's warm, personal feel; reckon they've heard 'Black Country Woman'.

Kyle Falconer sure has plenty to say and there's an interesting contrast occasionally between the lyrics and the music. Take '5 Rebbeccas', which is a tune that makes you want to jump up and down in a major way but has the hook line 'The one I love the most has turned into a junkie'. Similarly, 'Shock Horror' is a stomp-along grin-inducer. Way to keep us guessing, gents.

Whoever had the idea to roll out the string section needs a pat on the back, as it's working for them here big time. 'Unexpected' sports the first string vest, but is bested by 'Distant Doubloon', a joyous orchestral romp which sways between playful and mournful; some would say that's The View in a nutshell...

It's been a little while since 'Hats Off To The Buskers', but you wouldn't think it on the strength of this. You might say there's a trace of The Libertines in the more conventional numbers, but that'd be churlish; The View, are clearly pushing themselves to develop as a band and it's really good to hear them doing so. Tricky second album? Not a bit of it. 20th August 2009


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hey! do you know if the view will support mando diao again at the autumn tour this year? would be cool if so

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