Monday, July 20, 2009

Hop Farm review

...Dundee band The View carry on the party atmosphere with classics such as ‘Wasted Little DJs’, ‘One Off Pretender’, ‘Superstar Tradesman’ and ‘Covers’ which featured keyboard player Reni on Paolo Nutini’s vocals. To my complete surprise the band played ‘Double Yellow Lines’ which had only been played the weekend before at Glastonbury and it is a song that I had been ever-so desperate to hear live ever since the band released their second album.

"My first interview... I have never been so nervous... My nerves were softened when View frontman Kyle Falconer came up with a remarkable idea - you need a cider!"

After The View's set, I rushed back to our ‘base camp’ to grab my bag and then speedily ran to the press tent to arrange an interview with the band. After ten minutes waiting I was escorted through the ‘bands and friends and family only tent’ to their dressing room. I have never been so nervous; I had never done anything like this before so it was real challenge. I was the bands last interview, so I waited outside preoccupying myself with a game on my iPod and I’d say it went well for my first time. My nerves were softened when View frontman Kyle Falconer come up with a remarkable idea.
You need a cider.”
I continued to swig my cider during the entire interview, before spilling a vast majority of the contents of the bottle on The View’s dressing room floor. Smooth move.


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