Saturday, July 18, 2009

Benicassim review

DUNDEE rockers The View kicked off the festival in style with a typically raucous and energetic set.

It was only 8.30pm but the boys looked like they had already sunk a few beers before wobbling onstage.

A translator might have been handy so fans could work out exactly what frontman KYLE FALCONER was saying inbetween songs in his strong Scottish twang.

However there was no mistaking their love for headliners Oasis as Kyle declared them "the best band in the world".

The set was a little hit and miss, with the crowd struggling to match the band's enthusiasm as they belted out some unfamiliar tracks.

However when they ended with a collection of more recognisable offerings such as Superstar Tradesman, Same Jeans and Wasted Little DJ's, fans danced merrily as the sun set for the night.

The Sun, 18th July 2009


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