Saturday, August 16, 2008

New material at V Festival

The View debuted six brand new songs at V Festival in Stafford today (August 16).

Returning to the UK festival scene, the Scottish rockers took the opportunity to unveil the fruits of their recent album sessions in Wales with producer Owen Morris.

Opening with new track 'Glass Smash', they went on to preview planned first single 'Five Rebeccas', alongside 'Temptation Dice', 'One Off Pretender' (which features Kieren Webster on lead vocals), 'Jimmy's Crazy Conspiracy' and the pummeling 'Shock Horror'.

The reception to the new material saved a difficult gig for the band. They suffered sound problems throughout, eventually being forced to cut the set show by dropping 'Same Jeans' from the setlist.

The View played

'Glass Smash'
'Wasted Little DJs'
'Five Rebeccas'
'Temptation Dice'
'The Don'
'One Off Pretender'
'Skag Trendy'
'Jimmy's Crazy Conspiracy'
'Face For The Radio'
'Shock Horror'
'Superstar Tradesman', 16th August 2008


Blogger kaylito!!! said...

i was there whoop the sound was a bit bad n so was da crowd but i bloomin loved it their new stuff sounded amazin

1:05 am  

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