Monday, June 09, 2008

The View to work with Paulo Nutini

The source close to the band? None other than guitarist Pete Reilly's dad. Having played a storming set on Satutrday night (June 8) at this year's Rockness Festival on the banks of - where else? - Loch Ness , the guitarist's beaming father let slip about the secret collaboration.

Speaking of The View's up coming second album, he said: "Trust me, it's gonna be worth waiting for; it's awesome. And I do believe that they actually kidnapped Paulo Nutini whenthey were recording their album and they've done a duet - so there's a wee exclusive for you!"

The View's management confirmed to Xfm that the duet had taken place despite their desire to keep the news secret. Whatever next? Babyshambles to work with Jamie Cullen?

XFM, 9th June 2008


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Ahh I love it!

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