Friday, April 11, 2008

Billy Bragg in New York Times

“Hats Off to the Buskers” (Columbia) drew me in with a really great guitar track on the second song, “Superstar Tradesman.” I heard it on the radio, got the single and played the hell out of it. It has Clash-like guitars, and the lyrics are very funny. It’s basically talking about someone who’s a carpenter or plumber making a lot of money in a town where people aren’t making a lot of money. “You have a house in the ferry and a new guitar that’s never been played before and it never will.” I know guys like that with a Les Paul on a stand in their living room, gathering dust. Might as well put it on the mantelpiece.

The View sing as if their lives depended on it, and they have a great joy in what they sing. They’ve got self-knowledge about what a stupid job we do. I like bands that give a wink and a nod that they know they’re having a great time and getting paid for it, hurrah.

by Billy Bragg, The New York Times, April 6th, 2008
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