Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Students document local band, The View

Former Undergraduate Time Based Art students, Derrick Linton, Sam Spreckley, Jen Randall, Andy Sim, Allan Crook and Ian Martin were approached by Dundee band, The View, to document the bands biggest homecoming gig at the Caird Hall on the 9th April 2007.

This was a great opportunity for the above crew to work together on a multiple (5) camera shoot with 4 of the team, Derrick, Sam, Allan and Andy working on the final multiple camera edit. The dvd is due for release to the public in late summer 2008. Derrick who is currently doing his MSc in Electronic Imaging has been approached by Emily Dewhurst who organises the annual event Go North, which promotes local bands. This is to be hosted in the city of Dundee. The film collectively produced will be screened at Dundee Contemporary Arts on 5th or 6th June, 2008.


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