Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Poor View of Amy Winehouse

THE View's Kieren Webster isn't really an Amy Winehouse fan by the sounds of things.

Amy has been in a bit of a state recently after quitting rehab and living in a haze of drink and drugs with hubby Blake Fielder-Civil.

Kieren, bass player with the Dundee band, said: "I don't know Amy Winehouse and I don't really want to after I saw the nick of her the other day."

Kieren was chatting after the band played at Reading Festival following a performance in Edinburgh on Friday for T on the Fringe.

But he admitted he and the band sometimes get into a bit of a state. Kieren said: "This white T-shirt belongs to our lead singer Kyle Falconer, but I ruined it on Friday night.

"It's got cider and blackcurrant stains on it. We had a good night. "We were up playing a stadium gig with the Kaiser Chiefs up in Scotland and it was pretty cool.

"I feel pretty rough but I feel pretty rough all the time at gigs. None of us have been to sleep yet but we are ready to carry on and do the gig tonight. I drink cider and Kyle can get through a whole crate of beer."

And his mum has given up on trying to get him to behave. He said: "My mum leaves me to it now. She's fed up trying to stop me."

Daily Record, 28th August 2007


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