Monday, August 20, 2007

Cover Stars

THE VIEW have told how they jumped at the chance to pay tribute to their musical heroes.

The Dundee wild boys are covering a Libertines classic for an album celebrating 40 years of Radio 1.

And when The View were allocated 2003, they jumped at the chance to take on Don't Look Back Into The Sun.

Bassist Kieren Webster said: "It was easy for us to pick the Libertines as that is one of our favourite songs. We play it at singalongs a lot.

"It was the anthem for our summer when we were just starting out, doing a gig every few weeks because we were working.

"It was a great summer so it has a lot of good memories for us all."

The View were daunted at the prospect of taking on a song with such meaning for them but their confidence soared when one Libertine joined them in the studio.

Kieren said: "Carl Barat likes our version - we know that because he played guitar on it for us.

"It was nerve-wracking having him there but it gave us a boost to know he approved of us doing it enough to be involved. We recorded it at the same studio the Libertines used, with the same producer.

"I think it is a good version. Obviously it will never be as good as the original but we weren't trying to better; we just wanted to have fun and pay tribute to it. The fear of messing it up was definitely there."

Radio 1: Established 1967, out on October 1, also features covers from fellow Scots KT Tunstall, Calvin Harris, Franz Ferdinand and The Fratellis, plus Robbie Williams, Foo Fighters, Kylie and The Enemy.

Kieren admits he and bandmates Peter Reilly, Kyle Falconer and Steven Morrison, would love to think young groups were covering View songs in the way they started out doing the Libertines classic.

He said: "When we were 14 we were a covers band so I'd love to be in a pub in Dundee and hear a young band do one of our songs. That would be pretty cool."

By Mickey Mcmonagle, Sunday Mail 19th August 2007


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