Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The View On Mercury Prize

There's always another nominees who you suspect doesn’t really care whether they win or even whether they’re nominated. Step forward Kieran from The View (though the band have started their next album).

Its no surprise to find out that The View have been nominated for a Mercury Music Prize for their debut album ‘Hats Off To The Buskers’ and Xfm caught up with guitarist Kieran to find out that, well, that he’s not really massively arsed about winning.

“We never really thought about it,” he explained, “I don’t really keep an eye on awards ceremonies… or anything. I dunno, it is flattering. It’s good to be nominated I s’pose. I dunno, I s’pose if you’re nominated you’ve got a chance of winning it, but it won’t make the album any better.”

Incidentally, if you want an example of how great we are, listen to the interview, then try to understand what the hell Kieran is talking about, then share our pain as we had to transcribe it. Oh yes.

What’s more, he went on to explain that The View - one of the hardest working bands around for sure – are currently itching to get back into the studio.

“We’ve just started work on some new songs recently. Arranging them and getting them together to do some rehearsals,” he went on. “We’ve not had a rehearsal for so long. We’ve been on the road for ages; all we’ve done is play gigs. It must be coming up to a year since we’ve done any rehearsing.

“It’d be good to get in the rehearsal studio and get all the songs finished. They’re written, but its just getting them played together as a band.

“We’d like to see the new album released maybe Spring next year, or March, about that time next year maybe. We’re eager to get it done, just so we can get some new songs in the set if nothing else, so playing live becomes interesting again.”

  • Listen to interview here

  • XFM 17th July 2007


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