Thursday, July 26, 2007

Meet the Wasted wee DJs

* Do you girls still do day jobs as well as the Wasted Little DJing? If so, what are they (I think you’re hairdressers cos there is a bit about you in the song offering to cut Kyle’s hair for free?)
Kar: Yeah we’re both hairdressers in Dundee.
Char: Ha ha, we used 2 work in the same shop, till Kar decided to go to T in the Park instead of work... oops!

* What does it feel like to have a song about you that most of the country can sing off by heart? And now your song (well, the album) is also up for the Nationwide Mercury Prize too? Will you be invited to the award ceremony? Have you been to things like that before with the band?
Char: We better had be invited!
Kar: We went to NME awards with them. That was well good. They wouldn’t have won the award if it wasn’t for us would they… so we had to help them celebrate ;o)

* How much do you get to see of The View these days?
K+C: Not very much!

* Have you become celebs in Dundee? Could you just give us your version of the history of Wasted Little DJs
Char: Well we never saw it as our own club night really. We just kinda organised parties with good music for all our pals to come to where we could DJ too. They were great parties!
Kar: Yea, and we got some good gigs out of it too – its great cos now we are getting booked all over the world. We love it!
Char: We got our name from a Graham Coxon song. We love him and used 2 play him all the time. The lyrics to one of his songs it goes on about a Wasted Little DJ.

* What’s the best thing about being the Dundee version of Paris and Nicole!?
Char: He he, we run about annoying people and causing lots of trouble.
Kar:... and we usually get away with it.

* Everybody on English TV and mags etc seems to go on about how hard it is to understand the band’s Dundee accents? Do you find it hard to get people from elsewhere understanding you?
Kar: To be honest we don’t understand Kyle either!
Char: We do try to speak a lot clearer, but we are wee girls aren’t we, so we are more polite
Kar:... and we’re nicer!

* What kind of music do you like to play? What should people here expect to hear when you come up to the Inverness date? Or do you want to keep it as a surprise?
Char: Yes, we want to keep it a surprise – but I guess a bit of everything. If you check out our myspace you can see who are our friends and who we are into. Mainly indie though!
Kar: Yeah, mainly indie – with a few surprises thrown in.

* Where is your favourite place in the world, and where would you like to take your Wasted Little Djs night to? (I know you’ve done loads of places already, so maybe more exotic places, holiday spots, faraway islands... etc!?)
Kar: I’ve never been to America, so I would love to do some gigs over there. I’m not just saying it but I’m sure nowhere in the world will have a crowd like a Scottish crowd. Anyone that has been to a gig in Scotland will know what I mean!
Char: Yeah, Scottish crowds are the best – we are really looking forward to Inverness this week and also to Live at Loch Lomond next week. We are hosting the Rock DJ tents. It’s going to be amazing! We have some concession tickets available via our myspace too! Email us!

* If you are travelling away from home, is there anything you miss a lot?
Kar: After sleeping in tents and buses the main thing you miss your own bed!

* What’s the first song you are likely to play in your set?
Char: We never have a set planned. We are quite spontaneous. It also depends on how many drinks we have had! ;o)

* Say you’ve both got a day free you didn’t expect to get... how would you spend it if money was no object?
Kar: Probably the pub and shopping. In that order.
Char: Yeah, definitely that, but in style! With all our mates!
Kar: Woo limos, and champagne and a chauffeur to take us places.
Char:... and then an after-party in New York if money was no object... and then... haha!

* Has the success of the Dundee music scene changed the place? Where is your recommended place for people going out in Dundee to head for?
Char: The Doghouse is our favourite hang out.
Kar: Yeah, it’s changed here now. Loads of bands come to play here now and everyone from surrounding cities like Glasgow and Aberdeen are all coming out in Dundee.
Char: We know how to have fun!

* Would there have been a View if there hadn’t been Wasted Little DJs?
Kar: Yeah there would be The View without us, but their gigs at the beginning wouldn’t have been half the fun without us! We used to be the only ones dancing!
Char: We used to get into trouble back then from their manager for jumping about, until he realised that the record company liked us doing it. Now you find him jumping about to them too.

* Catch the girls tomorrow at the Ironworks.

Highland News, 28th July, 2007


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