Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Win Tickets For iTunes Gig

The View aren’t ones for taking rock n’ roll slowly…

One of the first to sign to James Endeacott’s suitably rocking 1965 label, the Scottish four-piece has a reputation for recklessness. Riding mopeds through pubs, becoming acquainted with hospital beds, ‘conversing’ with the boys in blue — whatever they do, you can always count on The View doing it in fine rock n’ roll style.

Debut album Hats Off To The Buskers sounds like Oasis scrapping with The Libertines — which is hardly surprising, as it was produced by Owen Morris (who was also at the helm for Definitely Maybe).

Frontman Kyle Falconer has a gift for plucking glorious melodies out of thin air, and his renowned singing style (or ‘shriek’) has become instantly recognisable. The single that launched the band ‘Wasted Little DJ’s’ was a tribute to groupies and hangers-on. It has already become the band’s anthem.

And with The View’s raucous live shows earning the band praise both at home and abroad, the young Dundonian’s are well on their way to stealing Oasis’ crown of being the ultimate ‘band of the people’.
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