Sunday, May 13, 2007

Swiss Interview with Kyle In the UK you played this year only in sold out venues. Is it annoying to start all over in Continental Europe?
Kyle Falconer: No it`s easy. We`re enjoying it. It`s really cool as we`re young and free. We had off for 18years in our lives.

What does it mean to you being the Frontman of The View?
I`m really enjoying it. I love the music we make. I like the people with whom I`m on the road. So, it`s good.

Are you considering yourself as a busker?
Yes, in a way. It`s great when we play acoustic. The funny thing is now that everytime I see a busker, I give him some coins. And there are so many of them in the UK that after an hour I usually run out of coins.

2007 has been a great year for you: you won the NME-Award for the best song, the album went to number one, the UK-Tour sold out within an hour. What was the most special experience?
Playing for Noel Gallagher! Definitely! We had this show at the Royal Albert Hall in London in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust when we had the honour to support Noel and Gem. It was really mystic- such a special venue. Something never to forget in your life.

Who do you prefer: Noel or Liam?
Noel. It`s because he writes all the songs. Don`t get me wrong, I like Liam as well, but it`s because Noel is the mind behind Oasis.

You played as well as a tour-support-act for Pete Dohertys Babyshambles. How was it?
This was amazing. We played Dundee, thats where we from. And to be on stage with Pete Doherty was something spectacular as not many bands play in Dundee. After the concerts we met in the bus and Pete played these wonderful tunes.

Pete is very interested in culture and art like reading, poems, paitings,... what about you?
Nothing. I`m not interested in it. The only thing I make is writing songs and making music. Thats all. I don`t care about the other stuff.

You write your songs with the bassist-player; is this easy?
Yes it is. We have a good mix together and not very often a problem. I collect things while I`m on the road and sing them in my recordplayer or write it on a paper. At the end of the tour I`ll have a lot of things to put together. I can`t sit down and say: 'Okay, right. Now I write a song.' They are coming like dreams do.

Tomorrow you will launch the Club NME in Milan. What do you think about the Magazine?
It has helped us a lot. They`ve done a lot of previews and reviews of our concerts. I like to read it as its short and easy written but has not the style of the british tabloids.

What about the money you earn?
I have to buy all the time new things as I`m losing them. Like my mobile, shoes... I don`t know but most of my things get lost somewhen. The other thing is: I spent a lot of money for my friends.. making them presents, buy them tickets for our gigs and pay for their trip and so on. One other thing is: We have been in Cancun, when it was spring-break. Just chilling around.

Spending it as well for drugs anymore?

Cigarettes or Alcohol?
Alcohol! I have to have a beer before going on stage. I love beer, `cos you can get drunk. Thats the main difference to cigarettes. I just like the taste of them, that`s all.

Last question. What can we expect tonight?
An evening to dance.

Thanks for taking your time.
Cheers, Switzerland, 13th May 2007


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