Saturday, May 12, 2007

The View Hit Up a Strip Club

Shambolic Scottish four-piece and "it" U.K. act of the moment, the View, dropped their debut album, 'Hats Off to the Buskers,' Tuesday. Originally, the effort was supposed to see U.S. store shelves this past winter but visa problems after an alleged drugs possession charge against singer Kyle Falconer forced the band to cancel a stateside trek and postpone the release.

Still, the band have their memories, bassist Kieran Webster shares with Spinner, of their first American stint several months ago, which saw them playing one rather famous 'Strip (as in Sunset) club. "I'm not sure how we got the Viper Room gig, but we were looking forward to playing [it]," Webster says. "It was a really good club. Once we knew we were playing there, people told me that it was owned by Johnny Depp. I was like, 'Johnny Depp? I love Captain Jack Sparrow.' I thought that was very cool."

If you're familiar with the band, who were signed by James Endeacott -- the man who previously "found" the Libertines -- you'll also know the View are young. This, of course, explains why when they think of Depp, they immediately recall the 'Pirates' franchise rather than characters from when Depp actually frequented the Strip like super cool officer Tom Hanson from '21 Jump Street' or the title character in 'Edward Scissorhands.'

Another thing that will show their youth? The View's elation over working with Owen Morris, who produced Oasis, and who they hit up regularly to regale them on the farm they recorded their album with Gallagher-brother tales. "He had some really funny stories," Webster says. "When we met him we got a long like a house on fire."

With no third-hand Oasis stories at hand (boo!), conversation turns back to the Viper Room. "I liked the Viper Room," he begins again. "Waitress would come serve you in bikinis in the backstage bit. It was over the top. It was a laugh."

by Jolie Lash,, USA 11th May 2007


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